Summer Recap

Greetings friends,

It’s hard to believe it’s September already, though we’ve certainly had an industrious summer. July and August were spent meeting with the college community and planning ahead to bring the Cornell CALS brand to life on our many web properties. As we start another semester of exciting projects, we thought it would be a good time to check in and give a brief overview of all we’ve been up to since the launch of our online brand toolkit.

Timeline chart for brand launch, showing Spring 2017 through 2018 and beyond.
Revisiting the roadmap, we’re right on track, getting ready to fuel the brand fire with faculty, students and staff on campus this fall.

Connecting with the CALS Community

Beginning in June, our team set out to meet with the many academic departments and administrative units of the college to share insight on the results of the project. We held several workshops for the communicators across CALS, outlining what is new and different with the way we now express ourselves verbally and visually. Attendees shared great feedback and ideas on how we can add to our existing toolkit.

In addition to that, we met with many of our academic departments and administrative units, outlining what aspects of the new language and designs may be most valuable for their audiences. After these sessions, we were able to share the new unit and department logos and letterhead templates with each of the groups. Across the next few months, we’ll continue meeting with the folks we haven’t connected with yet and begin gathering examples of the brand out there in the wild to showcase on this blog. Speaking of, do you have examples to share? Reach out!

Website Redesign Project

As Laura Caruso, our digital media strategist, mentioned a few weeks back, we’ve also taken the first step to bring our websites into alignment with the college’s new look and feel. Today, we pushed an interim design refresh live on several top-level sections of our website, including the homepage and undergraduate admissions website. By October, we will complete this step with all of our more than 60 websites in the CALS Drupal system. In addition to this, we have also fully transitioned our websites into a responsive web design, optimizing them for viewing on desktop, table and mobile devices.

A snapshot of the new Cornell CALS Homepage, with the new logo, colors and fonts installed.
A snapshot of the Cornell CALS homepage updated with the new logo, colors and fonts to align with the brand.

We’ve also started our official request for proposal (RFP) process. Once complete this fall, we’ll select an outside web design and development firm to partner with on a comprehensive website redesign. In the coming weeks, we will use a new section on this project blog to keep you updated on this exciting development along the timeline, much the same as we have for the brand project.

Kicking Off CALS Field Notes

This summer’s efforts also yielded a new, user-friendly newsletter that we began to distribute to our faculty and staff at the end of August. CALS Field Notes, as we’re calling it, will give a bi-weekly overview of the life-changing research, education and outreach initiatives that happen around the college. This publication will serve as one of many new tools that we have to help create that ‘campfire’ we set out to build at the start of the brand project. Have a story idea? Send it our way!

CALS Commons at the Cornell Inauguration Street Fair

Bringing together people from across the college and university alike, Cornell CALS had a tremendous representation at the Street Fair celebration, following the inauguration ceremony of Martha E. Pollack as Cornell’s 14th president. Taking up roughly a third of the event’s footprint, CALS booths showcased Cornell Dairy ice cream, a virtual reality booth, raptors, insects, weeds, succulents, a spread of veggies and fruits from the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station and much more. It was a proud moment where the breadth and depth of our incredible college was in full view.

Hortus Forum members Hauk Boyes ’18, left, and Maya Gibbs ’19, right, help fairgoers place succulent plants into a living mural – that will spell CALS – short for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.
Hortus Forum members Hauk Boyes ’18, left, and Maya Gibbs ’19, right, help fairgoers place succulent plants into a living mural – that will spell CALS – short for the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

Also generating pride at the event, Patty Chan ’18, gave a shout-out in the Cornell Chronicle to our new logo, explaining that the Delta within it symbolizes Cornell CALS as a life-changing experience.

Right on, Patty!

With that, we wish you a happy start to the fall and will be in touch soon with more updates.

The Cornell CALS Marketing and Communications Team

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