Checking in: Interim website design updates to align with CALS brand

A note from our Digital Media Strategist Laura Caruso

Read Time: 3-4 minutes

CALS web editors, communicators and friends,

As I shared in early September, the Cornell CALS marketing and communications team has been working to bring the new CALS brand to life across the college, including updating the look and feel of the “CALS web system”—our homepage and the more than 60 other school, department, program and unit websites in Drupal. We’ve made great progress and are nearing the end of this important phase, so I wanted to take this time to recap the work completed and share next steps.

Phase One Recap

To refresh our collective memories, I encourage you to take a look at the comparison shots below and check out my post from August for more details about phase one of the project. In a nutshell, we updated the Cornell CALS logo, fonts and colors on the homepage and core site (, as well as the undergraduate admissions website (

The Cornell CALS homepage: before (left) and after changes were applied (right).


The CALS undergraduate admissions homepage: before (left) and after changes were applied (right).


Phase Two Timeline

Phase two of the project—refreshing the department themes with the new Cornell CALS logo, fonts and colors—began in mid-September, just after the launch of the updated CALS homepage, core site and undergraduate admissions site.

We are pleased to announce that we’re wrapping up development of this final phase of the project and have set a tentative completion date of Wednesday, October 11. The Cornell CALS web team will release and launch all three updated department themes simultaneously that morning.

To reiterate, the way you edit your department, program or unit’s website in Drupal will remain the same. You will not need to do anything for these changes to take place and you should not experience any downtime with the release of these updates.

Kindly contact me at with questions.

All the best,
Laura Caruso, Digital Media Strategist
Cornell CALS Office of Marketing and Communications