Brand Project

Why are we embarking on this journey?

We seek to understand how the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) is perceived today, what it embodies in full, and how to position it in the future. 

It is our mission as a Land-Grant university to keep up with the rate of change, to serve our future generations by fostering cutting-edge research, teaching, and extension. To support this, we need a consistent visual identity and clear and concise messaging about the college’s many strengths and complexities. Having these tools at hand will give our extended community a more cohesive way to express who we are in words and in visual design.

In collaboration with IDEO—our partnering brand and innovation agency that has worked with companies, non-profit organizations, and led thought leadership campaigns across the world (including some unique efforts related to agriculture and food)—we will create a unique brand expression system. This system may include some of the brand elements you’re familiar with—like a primary color palette, select typography, and photography style—as well as some components that aren’t second nature, such as an organized group of defining key elements for the college community to build on (check out Cornell’s key elements).

So what is a ‘brand’? Read on to find out →